Pharmacological Interventions
Norepinephrine Infusion Response
(A pre-stored Teaching Tutorial Experiment)
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I. Overview- Norepinephrine (NE) infusion response [a pre-stored experiment]

As our example of web-HUMAN's repertoire of pharmacological interventions we examine the effects of an IV infusion of norepinephrine for 10 minutes at a dosing rate of 20 µg/min..
• This experiment is a pre-stored experiment activated by a user mouse-click.
• Since it is somewhat likely that the user is not yet familiar with the use of such stored experiments, a set of simplified instructions follow on how to run this (and other) pre-stored experiments.

You are about to use a prestored physiology simulation that once activated by a mouse click is self-running.

Such Save -d* experiments allow users to avoid the traditional setup time involved in running a web-HUMAN simulation. They are self-running and self-documenting.

* To find out more about how to Save and/or Get your own experiments or those of others see the User Manual.
** To access such experiments/tutorials at the current time you must first be a registered user. [
The ability to self-run without preregistration is currently under development ]
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II. Instructions- How to use the Pharmacological Interventions Tutorial Experiment

* Currently, use of pre-stored experiments is only possible if you register. The link below will first present you with a registration screen before taking you to this experiment. [ Hey; What is registration !? ]
The instructions below are designed for someone who has never run a single-click experiment before!
They focus the user solely on the particular single-click options/steps that are relevant for this particular tutorial example's purposes right now

A. To access the experiment -

• click on the link to the immediate right [ NE experiment link ] Currently you must register in response to the presented message.

B. You see a new window opening -

• You have been placed in the folder for "Teaching Tutorial Examples" as shown below.

• On the right under Name, notice the experiment of your interest i.e. "1-Pharmocologic Intervention ...".

C. That experiment offers 2 choices (as shown below) .

• You can Run the experiment or
• get Info on the experiment.

D. Executing the Run choice -

• Click on the Run link to execute this pre-setup experiment in which 2*10-5 Norepinephrine [NE] was infused.

• The Results of your infusion immediately appear as seen in the screen below.

Left- Graph of the results of the norepinephrine [NE] infusion Right- Table of the results

• On the left you see the results graphically and on the right you see the results in tabular format.
• Clicking on the Table (Output from Web-HUMAN . . ) allows you to see the entire table window.

E. Executing the Info choice -

Click on the back arrow to return to the screen that gives you the Run or Info choices.
• To access the Info window click on that link.
This presents a text recounting of the design and results of the NE infusion experiment. (see below for the beginning of the text)

F. To exit the NE experiment -

When you are done with the NE infusion experiment, simply Close the window.

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